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Lisa Erbacher

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"We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give" Winston Churchill


LOVE Vision Boards


Vision Boards sound really simple, well they are, yet you can trip up on not giving them your full attention and understanding there is a process. 

T​​​he action of visualisation is now common practice, you may already do it, we certainly know it is a practice widely used by athletes to enhance their training and "seeing" how their actions lead to their goals.

 It is not a crutch to rest upon and go, well that is done I visualised how it will happen and it is so....visualisation is an inspiration tool.  

The tool to help you focus on what you value and what you want to see in your life.  

We are comfortable knowing that visualisation works and can put us in a place of confidence to step out and make it happen.  

The Vision Board  with all the images you feel you want in your life is a  tangible tool to aid your visualisation.  
When you look at the images you have collected there is excitement, certainty and definitely inspired to action.   

We are in control of our own thoughts and when you have created your very own unique Vision Board, it is you who determines whether this is fantasy, pretty pictures collected as a wish list or there is conviction that you have put out there what you value in your life.  

The Vision Board is a tool for a great kickstart to understanding what you value and what you want to achieve.  When left just as a pretty picture you may be disappointed with the result.  You still  prepare your goals, you still are open to learning and ready for challenges and changes.  You are still in control of your destiny.

An athlete just doesn't visualise, they still do the workouts, still compete and keep setting the goals to achieve their best.

The reason you have a Vision Board is to help you formulate what you value most , your visual tool to remind you of the conviction you have to make it happen.   "...Action with vision is making a positive difference" Joel Barke